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Boy Scout Troop 247
(Baltimore, Maryland)
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Baltimore Game & Fish Policies

All Scouting units operate as part of a youth outreach effort offered by various organizations known as "Charter Organizations."    As a Charter Organization, they license (on an annually renewing basis) the right to administer the Boy Scouts of America program created and owned by the National BSA Council in Irving, Texas.   As holder of the BSA Charter, the Charter Organization agrees to provide various resources needed by the Scout units such as a regular/routine meeting place, the proper (minimum) number of a adult volunteers to administer the program, essential camping gear, etc., and see that the Scout unit is run in accordance with the rules and guidelines of the Boy Scouts of America.

Boy Scout Troop 247 is grateful to our Chartering Organization, Baltimore County Game & Fish Protective Association for operating Pack, Troop, and Crew 247 Scouting units.  As Scouts of Troop 247, our responsibility is to be good stewards of the BCGF grounds and abide by all BCGF rules including, but not limited to, the common courtesy of taking care of the facilities graciously made available to us.

The adult leadership of the Troop share in the responsibility of seeing that all youth, adults, and visitors of Troop 247 maintain our good standing with BCGF.  As such, the following expectations exist:

  1. All motor vehicles are to observe the posted speed limits on the BCGF grounds and operate with the strictest adherence to safety knowing that youth, club members, and wildlife move about freely on BCGF grounds.
  2. All visitors to BCGF will observe the safety barriers (physical and/or implied) regarding the Rifle, Pistol, Trap, and Archery ranges.
  3. BCGF Club Members take priority over Scout functions.  For example, BCGF members using the 3-D archery targets should not be expected to leave/move because Scouts want to use the open range for parking. 
  4. All adult leaders listed on the T-247 Charter or are registered as Merit Badge Councilors will complete and abide by BSA Youth Protection guidelines.  Training certification must be kept current.
  5. All individuals (including Scouts under the age of 18) are to be familiar with, and abide by, the BSA guidelines for transporting Scouts/youth in their vehicles.
  6. AT NO TIME other than under clearly defined activities/times that BCGF opens the grounds to the general public, or are designated as events specifically for the use of the BSA, are Scouts or their family members to enter the grounds and/or attempt to use the BCGF facilities.   Membership in the BSA in no way translates to having the rights/privileges afforded the private members of Baltimore County Game & Fish.
  7. Members/visitors of Troop 247 are to treat BCGF property with the utmost respect.  Litter, vandalism, theft, etc will not be tolerated.
  8. Your membership in the BSA, specifically membership at Troop 247 is revocable at any time.   Those who do not uphold the responsibilities incumbent upon them as members or visitors to Troop 247 or BCGF will/can be removed from the grounds and/or have their BSA membership at Troop 247 revoked.
  9. For BCGF members who also serve as adult volunteers in Scouting units, the guidelines of the BCGF membership and bylaws are always binding and in force and are not superseded by BSA guidelines.  If there are any presumed conflicts of interest regarding policies, guidance should be sought from the BCGF Board and/or the BSA District Executive.  For example, BSA ratios of adult:youth for shooting sports is different than what is allowed by the BCGF policy regarding members escorting guests onto the rifle/pistol ranges. 
  10. Per BSA policy, the authority to remove/revoke BSA Troop 247 adult memberships and BCGF access is reserved to the Charter Organization, which may delegate said authority to the designated Charter Organization Representative (a BSA recognized/registered position).   The Troop Committee is not the authoritarian body.  It make may recommendations to the CO/COR regarding adult leaders and the roles in which they function, but neither the Committee or the Committee Chair hold final authority.   The BSA Committee Chair is the "grand organizer" of BSA logistical support for the Troop, but the Chair answers to and serve at discretion of the Charter Organization and/or Charter Organization Representative.