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Boy Scout Troop 247
(Baltimore, Maryland)
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What to pack for Summer Camp?

While at Summer Camp, tents and dining facilities are provided by the Camp.  Scouts & Troops need to bring everything else to be self-sufficient.


Do not send anything that would be "tragic" if it were lost or damaged... such as electronics, "granddad's heirloom pocket knife", or a favorite game.  Remember that dew, rain, and humidity are elements we contend with EVERY DAY at camp.  Paper items (like baseball cards or Yugi-oh cards) WILL be adversely affected by the weather.

Sleeping:   Scouts will need a sleeping bag and a pillow.  There are 2 cots per "baker tent", so each scout will be sleeping on a cot during the week.  Tents are erected over pallet platforms which keep all gear off the ground and dry in rain storms.

Luggage:  We've had great luck with scouts packing a week's worth of clothes in a trunk or large Rubber-made container.   An excellent trunk (with wheels) is available at Walmart for only $36.

Scouts should bring a dirty laundry bag to help keep dirty laundry separated from the clean (also keep tents clean and orderly).   Mesh laundry bags are available at most Dollar stores (they are definitely available the store located at the Perry Hall shopping center Belair & Joppa roads).   A DAY PACK to carry around books, binders, pens, water bottles, etc is strongly suggested.

Merit Badge Material:   Scouts should come to camp with any prerequisite work for the badges they signed up for, the Merit Badge Booklet for EACH BADGE they are taking at camp, and a 3 ring binder for any notes/work they'll need to complete while taking the badge classes.   Of course, a small supply of pens/pencils is recommended but are available at the Trading Post.

"Mad money":
   There is a trading post at camp that Scouts like to frequent throughout the day.  Slushie drinks, candy, and cold sodas are camp favorites, but also available are Scout Craft items, patches, camp tee shirts, etc.  It is parent's discretion how much money they send to camp with their son for discretionary spending.  Past experience shows that $25-$30 is enough for "stuff" and a nice camp tee shirt to commemorate their week at camp.

Swimming & Toiletries:  Scouts will need at least 1 bathing suit (worn to camp on Day 1!) and at least 2 towels for drying off from the pool and showers. Some type of 'water shoe' is recommended for walking between the pool and the camp site.   Scouts should bring EVERYTHING needed for bathroom activities:  shampoo, soap (bottled/liquid soap is MUCH better than "bar" soap!), tooth brush, tooth paste, toilet paper, etc.   BABY WIPES and baby powder are great "quick clean" items when you're sweating in your tent and need to freshen up to get comfortable, especially in preparation of laying down to sleep.  Travel size items are PERFECT.  They are available at Walgreens.

Remember that we are in the HEAT and in the WOODS.... please pack deodorant, SUN BLOCK and BUG SPRAY.  Battery operated fans are also popular items (with lots of spare batteries) and some nice (cheap) games to play or a book to read in the campsite as they "unwind" at night are also good ideas.

OA Arrowmen:   Don't forget your OA Sash for the OA reception that happens at camp. 

Clothing:  Scouts will be provided with colored tee shirts for each day we are at camp.  The troop will show our UNITY by wearing the same color shirt each day.   One of the days at camp will be Hawaiian Shirt Day (whether the Camp sponsors it or not... it's a Troop 247 tradition!).  Scouts will need to bring a Hawaiian shirt to camp (available cheap at thrift & Goodwill stores).     All scouts should wear their TROOP 247 HAT at all times, for blocking sun and reducing the risk of ticks. Sunglasses are also helpful.  Also, when they get left behind (and they will), Camp will immediately know it is one of OUR hats.

UNIFORMS:   a FULL Class A  "Field Uniform" is required for admission into the dining hall for DINNER each day.   We recommend Scouts bring a clothes hanger so they can hang up their shirts each night and keep their shirt looking good throughout the week.

Other than arrival and dinner, scouts are free to wear whatever they want at camp.  "Basketball" pants are light weight, quick to dry, well ventilated, and not as restrictive as cotton pants.  Pockets are not needed as all scouts should be carrying a day pack for other items.   Scouts should bring an adequate supply of underwear, socks, TWO pairs of shoes, and comfortable clothing for sleeping.  One pair of long pants would be a good idea should the temperature drop and/or to cover legs if the insect problem is too bad.

Boys will be doing a LOT of walking at camp.  To prevent their "manly parts" from getting chaffed in the crotch, "athletic performance" wear such as Under Armor, bicycle pants, or boxer briefs will go a long way in keeping them comfortable, as does a daily application of baby powder "down there".

Gear:  Day pack, water bottle, personal first aid kit, and any gear needed for their planned agenda (knife/compass if taking any hiking or outpost adventure).

JOURNAL:  There's no better way to unwind and close out the day than spending a few minutes in your bunk jotting down all of today's great memories in a notebook/journal.    Keep a journal for every camping experience and you'll be making an family heirloom that you will TREASURE for the rest of your life!!!    Jot down EVERY detail you can remember, from what you ate, to the corny jokes, no detail is worth forgetting.

Summer Camp 2019 - Ten Mile River

Ten Mile River Camp Keowa - August 4-10, 2019

For 2019's summer camp trip we are returning to Ten Mile River Camp Keowa in Narrowsburg, NY.  We had so much fun last year that everyone was in agreement we would return this year! 

Summer Camp 2018 - Ten Mile River

Ten Mile River Camp Keowa - July 15-21, 2018

For 2018's summer camp trip we visited Ten Mile River Camp Keowa in 
Narrowsburg, NY.  We had so much fun we have already decided to go again next year! 

Summer Camp 2017 - Resica Falls

Resica Falls Scout Reservation - June 25 - July 1st, 2017

For 2018's summer camp trip we visited  Resica Falls Scout Reservation in East Stroudsburg, PA.  

Summer Camp 2015

Hawk Mountain Scout Reservation

Troop 247 will return to Hawk Mountain for another great year in the summer of 2015!

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HMSR-2015 MB CLASSES.jpg  

Summer Camp 2013- Hawk Mountain

HAWK MOUNTAIN June 23-29, 2013

Last year's trip was AMAZING and we can't wait to go back!   30' climbing walls, Aquatics programs on the lake, COPE, and a multitude of Scout-Craft badges and more are what awaited our Troop. 

Great OA ceremonies and plenty of activities kept everyone busy the whole time!

Summer Camp 2012

This year's Summer Camp destination was HAWK MOUNTAIN,  June 24-30

2012 marked our first return to HMSR in a few years and we were NOT disappointed.  Several boys asked in mid-week to return next year, and so we will!

Over 120 Merit Badges were earned at camp, as well as other awards such as the 50-Miler for Owen, Alex, and Blake (who took the High-Adventure "Boot & Paddles" trip), DJ and Joseph completed COPE and Advanced COPE,   Mr. Paul earned BSA Life Guard, and others completed much of the work they needed to advance in rank.

Summer Camp 2012 - Hawk Mountain

What a huge success !

Our return to Hawk Mountain was everything we were hoping for AND MORE!    The new 40' tall climbing wall was a huge attraction and we were delighted to have good Program areas and food.

We had 32 boys and 8 adults attend this year and before the week was over, many of the boys were requesting that we go back in 2013... and the answer to that is YES!   We've already applied for a camp site and it will be Hawk Mountain in 2013.

Congratulations to SPL Addison Jones and Mr. Paul who won the SPL/SM archery contest, 3 patrols who got Honor Patrol awards,  7 Scouts who got the Polar Bear Swim awards, , 3 Scouts who attended Boots & Paddles, and 2 Scouts who completed COPE/Advanced COPE.  Also, congratulations to Mr. Paul and Mr. Steve who got certified in First Aid care, and Mr. Paul for getting BSA Lifeguard certification.

Thanks to everyone for an amazing time and look how much we've grown in 5 years!

Summer Camp 2011

It was a great camp and the scouts had fun. This page will remain available for awhile so that prospective scouts can see how Troop 247 plans and prepares for summer camp.

Scout success stories
Two boys earned their SCUBA certification at Summer Camp 2011. That certification will be with them for life!
Four other boys passed their Board of Review at camp and were promoted.
  • Two are now Scout
  • One is now Second Class
  • One was promoted to Star
More than 100 merit badges were earned at Summer Camp by the Scouts of Troop 247. It's a great place for the boys to get the full Scouting experience.

It is also a great place for adults to come up to speed on Scouting. Mr. Jack was re-certified as a BSA Lifeguard. The course was 40 hours with a test at the end. Camp Saffron was no vacation for Mr. Jack!

Adults were also active in bringing the boys along with merit badges and advancement. Some of our adults even participated in the merit badge courses to bring real life experience to the class. For example, Mr. Bill brought his own truck to automotive merit badge, then showed the boys how different parts of the truck worked.

Summer Camp 2010

Camp Horseshoe was a good time with precision marching, morning cannon fire, lots to do and talk about!  Funny... these group photos seem to keep getting bigger.

Summer Camp 2009 - Horseshoe

In 2009 we split the troop between a Local and Long-Distance camping experience.   Part of the troop headed off to South Dakota for 10 days, the other group stayed local and attended summer camp at Camp Horseshoe.

2008 Summer Camp

EVERYONE partied at the Luau!    Hawk Mountain may have thought of "Hawaiian Shirt Day" but only T-247 can kick it up a notch and blow it out into a Luau night with games, music, food, and enough excitement to get the Camp staff to stop what they were doing and attend OUR party!

We're headed back to Hawk Mountain in 2012!!!

2008 Summer Camp - Group photo

GROWING strong!!!

Summer Camp 2007

This is it!   Our "first" summer camp as a newly reformed unit.   From 2 boys to 13 in less than 8 months, we chose Hawk Mountain as our first site and we had a BLAST.