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Boy Scout Troop 49
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Glacier National Park - 2015

We took the Amtrak out to East Glacier, and returned on Amtrak from West Glacier. We hiked over 50 miles, hiked the best trails in Glacier that were not on fire, through high heat and sleet, saw moose, bear, big horn sheep, deer, and plenty of squirrels, and some of the most beautiful mountains, waterfalls, and scenes in the world.

Day 1- Two Medicine area, South Shore Trail, Aster Park, Aster Falls, Twin Falls, North Shore Trail.
Day 2- Many Glacier area, Iceberg Lake, Ptarmigan Lake, Ptarmigan Tunnel and back.
Day 3- Many Glacier area, Redrock Falls, Bullhead Lake, Swiftcurrent Creek, and back.
Day 4- Avalanche Lake, Lake McDonald, Apgar Village
Day 5- Going to the Sun Road via shuttle to Logan Pass, Highline Trail, Grinnel Glacier Overlook, Granite Park Chalet, the Loop.
Day 6- the Whitewater Rafting trip

Boundary Waters Canoe Area - 2015

Sunday 7/22 (300 rods): Snowbank Lake- Boot Lake -Ensign Lake - Vera Lake

Monday 7/23 (310 rods): Knife Lake – Bonnie Lake – Spoon Lake – Pickle Lake – Kekekabic Lake

Tuesday 7/24: Flex Day to make up for travel lost to weather, fishing, swimming.

Wednesday 7/25: : Kekabic Lake -Strup Lake - Wisini Lake- Ahmakose Lake -Frasier Lake - Thomas Lake

Thursday 7/26: Thomas Lake - Hachet Lake - Ima Lake - Jordan Lake - Cattyman Lake -Adventure Lake -Jitterbug Lake - Ashsub Lake

Friday 7/27: Disappointment Lake - Parent Lake

Saturday 7/28: Parent Lake, Snowbank Lake exit point #27 by mid morning.

BSA Sea Base 2014

Tuesday: at Fort Lauderdale Beach baking in the Florida sun.
Wednesday: Bus ride to Sea Base, Briton Environmental Center
Thursday: 5 mile canoe trek to Big Munson Island for four days of island 'survival'
Monday: Leave island for Sea Base
Tuesday: Leave Sea Base for flight home

Thank you to the coordinators and adults who went along so the two crews from Troop 49 could go to Sea Base and have such a terrific time.

Philmont 2013

In August 2013, 6 scouts went on a high adventure trip to

Philmont Scout Ranch, NM.  

They spent 10 days in the mountains, tenting,

camping and enjoying high adventure.  

Here they are after climbing The Tooth of Time.

Future High Adventure Plans

2015 Glacier National Park
2016 Philmont Scout Ranch
2017 Boundary Waters

Eligible Scouts are 14 years of age at the time of the trip. 
Adults are selected and required to take specific training.

Boundary Waters Packing List

Keep in mind what we list needs to fit into one dry bag slightly less than the size and width of two paper bags stacked on each other.  We suggest you take two complete sets of clothing on your canoe trip. Wear one and pack one:

 2 Pair wicking Pants (cargo with zipper off leggings - not jeans, they do not dry well)
 2 Short sleeve shirts (wicking type)
 1 Long sleeve shirts (wicking or drys fast)(optional)
 2+ Set of underwear
 3+ Pair of socks - not cotton
 Waterproof water shoes close toed shoes with good soles for portages
 Lightweight shoes (for around camp)
 Fleece jacket or Wool sweater
 Swimming suit
 sleeping bag
 sleeping mat
 Rain Gear
 Bowl & Spoon
 Towel & wash cloth
 Toiletries (lip balm, environment safe soap, toothpaste, floss, brush, Note: bring minis)
 Toilet paper
 Sunglasses- with strap
 Gloves for canoeing
 small towel for drying off (ie. Shamwa)
 Flashlight (head or hat one & spare batteries)
 Fishing gear & tackle – suggest sharing two or three for entire crew
 Insect repellant
 Sun block
 2 Water Bottles (32oz Nalgene type is best)
 Life Jacket
 Seat cushion (lightweight one works fine)
 Fanny Pack (Not backpacks, there is enough to carry per portage)
 Hat/cap for sleeping (if going during colder weather)

Important:  One complete set of clothes (including a towel) in a separate bag or backpack to change into for the ride home – after a shower.

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