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Cub Scout Pack 46

Uniform Guidelines

The distinctive blue Cub Scout uniform is one of the first things a new Cub Scout wants. Besides being a means to identify openly to the principles that a Cub Scout commits to, the uniform also:

  • encourages neat, correct appearance as well as good behavior.
  • provides the only place for proper display of awards.
  • provides a visual way for boys to "belong" together.

When boys participate in a team sport like football, baseball or soccer they’re required to be in uniform before participating in a game. Our Pack philosophy is the same – that every scout show pride in belonging to our “team,” and that they come uniformed, ready to “play.”

The Scouting movement is built on positive values. As we wear the uniform, we are openly identifying ourselves with those values where everyone can see us. We stand together, not alone, in encouraging others to live by those same principles. Boys and adults alike should take pride in belonging to such a movement and wear the uniform as it is intended.

The Class A Cub Scout uniform consists of:

  • a clean Cub Scout shirt with proper insignia patches;
  • an official Cub Scout neckerchief for his rank with a tie slide (homemade slides are permitted);
  • an official Cub Scout or Webelos Hat is optional (non-Scout baseball and other hats are not considered part of the official uniform).
  • dark, solid color, short or long pants without holes  (blue jeans are acceptable, but no sweat pants or camoflauge), and shoes with toe covering and heal (no flip flops, clogs, or sandals);
  • an official Cub Scout belt;
  • an appropriate handbook for his Den.


Approved by the Pack Planning Committee March 3, 2013

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Uniform Policy March 2013.pdf Uniform Policy which can be printed