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Cub Scout Pack 155
(Algonquin, Illinois)
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Scouting is FAMILY Oriented

  • Family involvement is the most important part of Cub Scouting
  • Activities are intended for the whole family
  • You work with your son or daughter on their various award requirements
  • Many skills they will learn are family oriented

Your child is a member of a Cub Scout "Den"

  • Pack 155 dens usually meet about once-twice a month
  • The "dens" typically consists of all the kids in the same grade at Algonquin Lakes or other neighborhood schools.
  • A den leader (usually a parent) leads the den
  • The den leader is usually assisted by an assistant den leader, and sometimes a den chief (an older Boy Scout).
  • Den meetings have games, crafts, songs, ceremonies, and lots of fun!

Your child is a member of a Cub Scout "Pack"

  • Pack 155 is made up of 6 dens (grades K-5).
  • The Cubmaster leads the pack meetings which are determined throughout the school year.
  • The pack meeting lets the kids show off the skills they've learned in their den meetings
  • Pack meetings have games, skits, songs, ceremonies, and presentations of badges and awards that were earned that month

The Pack is run by the Pack Committee

  • The pack committee is the "Board of Directors" of the pack
  • It is open to all parents
  • The committee meets once a month and plans pack meetings and other activities.
  • The committee selects leaders, performs record keeping, manages pack finances, orders badges, maintains pack equipment, and helps train and recognize leaders.

 The Pack is owned by a Chartering Organization

  • Charter organizations include schools, parent associations, service clubs, religious organizations, and other groups interested in youth.
  • The charter organization approves leaders, provides a meeting place, and operates packs within the guidelines and policies of the chartered organization and the Boy Scouts of America.
  • The charter organization selects a chartered organization representative who serves as a liaison between pack and organization.