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Patrol Box Inventory Check List

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Patrol Box Inventory_2017.doc This is a list of the Wolverine Patrol Box. Feel free to add or update as needed for your own Patrol needs.  

Personal Camping Gear Checlist

I found an awesome checklist in the Boy Scout handbook. It's on page 268 of the new handbook. If you have the old handbook, you can probably find it in the camping section.

Use this checklist every time you go on a Scout outdoor trip. Use a pencil to check off each item as you pack it.
  • The Scout Basic Essentials
    • pocketknife
    • first aid kit
    • extra clothing
    • rain gear
    • water bottle
    • flashlight
    • trail food
    • matches and fire starters
    • sun protection
    • map and compass
  • Clothing appropriate for the season and the weather
  • backpack with rain cover
  • sleeping gear: sleeping bag, sleeping pad, ground cloth
  • eating kit: utensils, bowl, plate, cup
  • cleanup kit: soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss, comb, small camp towel
  • optional personal items
    • personal medications
    • watch
    • fishing pole and gear
    • camera
    • pencil or pen
    • insect repellent
    • small notebook
    • swim suit
    • bible, testament, or prayer book
    • other gear for specific activitie
The equipment you'll share with other Scouts can be divided up so each of you carries about the same amount of weight.
  • patrol first-aid kit
  • tents, ground cloths, and stakes
  • dining fly and stakes
  • 50-foot nylon cord
  • Cook kit containing: stoves, fuel, matches, butane lighters, pots, pans, spatula, large spoon, ladle
  • Cleanup kit containing: biodegradable soap, scouring pads, toilet paper, sanitizing rinse agent, trash can liners, food strainer
  • Repair kit containing: thread, needles, and safety pins
  • Group extras you may want to take
    • hot-pot tongs
    • plastic, collapsible water containing
    • water-treatment filter or tablets
    • cutting board or two 
    • spade
    • grill
    • patrol flag
    • small american flag
    • two 50-foot ropes an bear bags.
  • Other gear for specific activities
Do a good turn daily,
Erin Howarth 
troop committee chair