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The Boy Scout program is a nation-wide program designed to enhance a boy’s life experience through adventures in the outdoors.  In addition to learning outdoor skills, the scout program teaches leadership and citizenship while having fun. The mission of Troop 17 is to prepare boys to become leaders in our houses of worship, families, and communities. We accomplish this by fostering character development, team concepts, leadership skills, a desire for service and the pursuit of excellence using the outdoor adventure program and the ideals of the Boy Scouts of America.

"Where is there a boy, even in these materialistic times, to whom the call of the wild and the open road does not appeal? Maybe it is the primitive instinct, anyway it is there. With that key a great door may be unlocked, if it is only to admit fresh air and sunshine into the lives that were otherwise grey.

The heroes of the wild, the frontiersmen and explorers, the rovers of the seas, the airman of the clouds, and pied piper to the boys. Where they lead the boys will follow and these will dance to their tune when it sings the song of manliness and pluck; of adventure and high endeavours of efficiency and skill, of cheerful sacrifice of self for others. There's meat in this for a boy; there's soul in it.

Watch that lad going down a street; his eyes are looking far out. Is his vision across the prairie or over the grey-backed seas? At any rate it isn't here...
Through Scouting the boy has the chance to deck himself in frontier kit as one of the great brotherhood of backwoodsmen. He can track and follow sign; he can signal, he can light his fire and build his shack and cook his grub. He can turn his hand to many things in pioneering and camp-craft."

Robert Baden Powell