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Boy Scout Troop 701
(Fond du Lac, Wisconsin)
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Ways you can help Troop 701 by volunteering some of your time:


***In order to keep Troop 701 running as well as it does we need adults to help us out in some capacity. 

I Thank You in advance for your consideration of these needs.

Positions that the troop needs filled are:


Camping and Outdoor Chair :  Get tour permits for troop outings and make sure we have enough drivers for events.(this probably takes 1-3 hrs per month depending on the month)


Membership Chair (with a helper would be ideal): Keep in touch with cub scout packs (especially the cubmasters and Webelows leaders) and see if they need Den Chief’s, along with getting troop members to their crossover ceremonies.  Try to have one of the two persons attend the monthly Roundtable meeting @ the community center in North Fond du Lac the first Thursday of each month. (This would probably be done a couple times a month; about a 2-4 hour commitment per month)


Assistant Scoutmaster :  working directly with the boys to help guide patrol and group activities.  Cannot stress this enough, the boys run the activities the majority of the time.  The adult leaders support and guide the boy leaders so as to maintain a safe and good quality program for all involved.

(Time commitment varies based on personal availability.  Some persons can only commit to helping one Tuesday and/or outing per month, others have more time to offer)


If you feel like you would like to help out the troop in one of these capacities or in some other way, feel free to contact me and we can discuss what you would like to do.

Mark Lieffring:  or by cell (920) 602-4488

What volunteering to help Boy Scouting does for me:



                My name is Mark Lieffring and I currently serve as the troop’s committee chairman.  You’ll see me at almost every meeting talking with committee members, boy scouts and- when I get a chance- with parents who stick around during the meetings.  It has been a privilege and a pleasure to serve troop 701 and I’d like to tell you what I get out of doing so.

                In my position I have the opportunity to speak with every boy in the troop on a fairly regular basis.  I speak with them about how the activities are going, how their personal experience is going within the troop, as well as what they would like to see us do in the future.  One of the things I gain from doing this is an understanding of just how diverse a group of individuals we have in our troop.  My two boys have unique personalities unlike many of the others in the troop, and I value that my boys constantly interact with this great diversity of boys and grow as individuals because of it.

                When we are on an outing I get the chance to watch my boys and the rest of the boys in the troop grow as young men.  I get to help broaden their experiences on outings with my own input and insights.  I benefit by having a relaxing time camping and spending time in the outdoors with a respectful group of young men.  Watching them work on merit badges, partake in service projects, and having fun at our camps is a wonderful way to spend a few weekends a year.

                The adults who attend meetings and outings with our troop are as diverse and talented a group as our fifty plus boys.  I thoroughly enjoy the “cracker barrels” we adults have around campfires and sitting back with a cup of coffee – thank you Mr. Nitkowski- while the boys work hard to give everyone a great camping experience.

                I hope this has given you a little glimpse of the awesome benefits volunteering for our troop has given me, and what it could give you as well.



Mark Lieffring

Troop 701 Committee Chairman