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Can you handle this much fun?

Cub Scouts have a lot of fun doing a lot of interesting things!There are games to play, codes and skills to learn, places to seeand new friends to meet. Cub Scouts all help each other, and try tohelp other people too.

Cub Scouts join a Pack and are assigned to a den,usually a neighborhood group of six to eight boys. Lions (kindergarteners), Tiger Cubs(first-graders), Wolf Cub Scouts (second-graders), Bear Cub Scouts(third-graders), and Webelos Scouts (fourth- and fifth-graders) meet monthly or bi-monthly.

At your meetings, you'll get together with other boys your ageand be led into adventure! You'll wear your own Cub Scout uniform.And you'll be able to earn special badges and awards to put on your uniformto show your achievements. Cub Scouts get to see a lot and do a lot.

We spend weekends away together camping, fishing and exploring.We go to sporting events, visit the library, go to the zoo, the museum,or the fire department. We learn about cooking & camping, racepinewood derby cars, and how to build and launch model rockets.

There's a lot more Cub Scouts do too. Why not come along andfind out?

If you have questions about the Cub Scout Program or would like to signup for scouting, please contact our Cubmaster by clicking on the "Contact Our Pack" link at the top of this page.

All new scouts arerequired to complete an application.

Annual dues are $60.00, which is divided as follows:

  • $16.00 for National registration and insurance
  • $12.00 for Boys Life Magazine
  • $32.00 for Pack dues, which includes the neckerchief and slide, a pinewood derby kit, and patches and awards for the year.