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Venturing Crew 88
(Aurora, Illinois)
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Subjects 2012-2013

Public Transportation
  Taking the Bus  - Mr. Williams & Mr. Ringler
    Went on a bus ride
College Scholarships
   How to apply and when  - Mr. Stredde
How to Vote
    Responisibility & Citizenship - Mr. Stredde 
    How the Voting Process Works - Mr. Williams & Mrs. Hansen
        Practiced on Kane County Election Commission simulation
    How to open a account & why - 5/3 Bank 
Community Service
    Advocating for Special Needs
        Put on Special Needs Awareness Night for Troop 26 (Holy Angels)
    Followed recipes to make meatloaf and potatoes
How to Budget
     Planning a Budget  (Estimated Budget due March 5th)
Trip to the Laundromat - Fast Lane Laundry (St. Charles)
Discussed Actual Budgets & Time Management
Public Transportation
    Another Bus Trip to Westfield Mall
       Practiced Table Manners, Social Interaction, & Fiscal Responsibility
Visit to 5/3 Bank: Opened Accounts & Toured the Bank
Planned Menu for Taco Dinner & cooked it
Took Train to Chicago, then bus to Museum of Science & Industry
Cooked Dinner (Tater Tot Casserole) for the homeless