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Parent Responsibilities


The adult leaders of Pack 435 do their best to provide a quality program. It must be kept in mind, though, that they are volunteers and have many other obligations outside of Cub Scouting. For your son to get the most of our Cub Scouting, he will also need to depend on you, both to help him, and to help the Cub Scout program of which he is a part. We expect every parent to help the Pack in some capacity. The most important job is Den Leader, but there are many other areas where your help in running the Pack is needed and appreciated.


The following guidelines are designed to help you and your son get the most out of Cub Scouting:

  • Be on Time. Please arrive at all meetings and events on time. Also, unless arrangements have been made with your Den Leader, please be prompt to pick-up your son from Den meetings.
  • Read Your Handbook. Support your son’s involvement in Cub Scouting by becoming familiar with his advancement requirements. If you read through his handbook, you will be better prepared to support his efforts to “do his best.”
  • Report an Absence Ahead of Time. Den Leaders spend a lot of time preparing for Den and Pack activities that include your son. If your son will be unable to attend a Pack or Den meeting or is no longer able to be an active scout, please let your Den Leader know as soon as possible.   
  • Reinforce Good Conduct During Meetings. Parents share with Cub Scout leaders responsibility for ensuring proper conduct by their boys. Please stress that good behavior is part of being a Cub Scout, and set a good example by being respectful of others during Pack and Den meetings.
  • Support Good Turns. The Pack and Dens will provide opportunities for boys to give service to the community. We ask that you support these opportunities for your boys to learn the art of giving.
  • Be in Uniform. Please make sure that your boy is in uniform for all Cub Scout meetings and events. Support his accomplishments by seeing that his advancement patches promptly become part of his uniform. For more information, click here.
  • Participate. Your son will get more out of Cub Scouting if you get involved. You are expected to volunteer in some way during the year. The Pack has volunteer opportunities no matter what your skill level!  You should also take your share in organizing Den meetings and working with the Den Leader of your son's Den. Cub Scouting is only successful when parents participate actively.


Youth Protection Policies


Pack 435 is committed to seeing that all scouts have a safe and fun experience in our program. In order to protect the well-being of all our scouts, Pack 435 adheres to several important policies. These policies include:

  • No one-on-one contact. No individual adult is ever to be alone with an individual scout other than the adult’s own son.
  • No secret meetings. All scout meetings and outings are always open to all parents.
  • Two-deep leadership. All Den and Pack meetings and outings must have two adults present.
  • Leader Screening. All leaders are subject to an extensive review process, including reference checks, interviews, and criminal records review.
  • Leader training. All our Den leaders are required to complete Cub Scout Basic Leader training, which includes training on youth protection guidelines. In addition, all leaders are required every other year to complete a special Youth Protection Training course offered by the Boy Scouts of America.
  • Reporting of Suspected Abuse. All scout leaders are obligated to report any suspicions of child or sexual abuse to the Lincoln Heritage Council.
  • Parental Accompaniment of Tiger Cubs. Tiger Cubs must always have a parent or adult partner present at all activities. No exceptions!
  • Youth Awareness. At each level of the scouts’ advancement -- from the Bobcat through Webelos ranks -- parents are expected to discuss youth safety issues with their sons. In addition, the Boy Scouts of America has produced a videotape entitled “It Happened To Me” which is designed to teach boys how to be safe. The Pack makes times available for scouts to view this video in the company of their parents. Parents also have the opportunity to view the video in advance of any showing to the boys.
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