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Boy Scout Troop 51
(Lexington, Illinois)
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2015 Candy and Coffee Sales

If you’re feeling groovy Then sell some seroogy’s!  We are excited to sell seroogy’s candy again this year to raise money for summer camp!

Product info:  

  • 1.75 oz. candy bars:  8 varieties
    • 48 bars/case ($72.00 per box.  $36 profit/$36 cost)
  • 14 oz. pkg. coffee:  4 varieties
    • Available in both Regular and decaffeinated
  • Easter candy, fudge, boxed chocolates

Profit info:

  • Candy bars:          50% profit
  • Sell for $1.50, earn .75 profit 
  • other choc.         50% profit
  • Coffee:   40% profit
  • Regular $11.00, earn $4.40
  • Decaf $12.00, earn $4.80

Sell 7 boxes of candy bars to Fully Fund Summer Camp !!

How it works:  

  • Each scout will pay for cases of candy bars.  
  • Money can come from either home or their Scout Account.  
  • Order forms available for Easter and Coffee orders
  • Profits from sales go into individual scout accounts 

Due Dates:    Pre-order Candy bars to arrive by sales kickoff date of Feb. 12, 2015

Sales end  March 12, 2015.  All order forms due!

Icon File Name Comment  
Brochure 1 of 2.jpg Seroogy's Brochure 1 of 2  
Brochure 2 of 2.jpg Seroogy's Brochure 2 of 2  
Order Form.jpg Seroogy's Order Form  

Scouts Can!


Boy Scout Troop 51, chartered by the Lexington American Legion, continues to actively collect and recycle aluminum cans to fund local scouting activities.

Crushed or uncrushed cans in plastic bags are collected by any Lexington Scout. Contributions to the effort have a positive environmental impact and provide funds for local Scouts.

For information or pick-up of aluminum cans, contact Pete Boehle at 766-8293.

Fundraising Suggestions & Donations Welcome!

Please forward all your ideas that the Troop can use to raise funds.

No scout should miss out on the adventure of Scouting due to a lack of "funding".  If you have an idea for fund raising, please share with us so we can continue to make opportunities available for young men to earn their way.