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BSA Documents

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MedicalFormINFO2014.pdf BSA Medical Form Information Sheet 2014  
MedicalFormsABC2014.pdf BSA Medical Forms 2014 (Forms A, B and C)  
Member Application - Adult.pdf BSA Membership Application - ADULT  
Member Application - Youth.pdf BSA Membership Application - YOUTH  
The Big Book of Scout.pdf The Big Book of Scout Worship Services (Chaplain's Aide)  


Here are some questions we receive quite often.  If you scroll down to the next several sections, you will see links to various BSA, Troop 446 and other documents with a lot of information.

Is it a requirement that a Scout attend all troop meetings?

-While it is not a requirement to attend troop meetings, Troop 446 By Laws state the following: “Attendance of at least 51% of Troop meetings and other activities is required in order to qualify for advancement.  School, sports and church activities will be accepted as excused with the prior approval of the Scoutmaster and/or the Committee.  Special situations may be excused at the Scoutmaster’s discretion.  It is the responsibility of the Scout to notify the Scoutmaster and adult responsible for attendance if the reason for his absence is an acceptable excuse.”


Can a Scout advance two ranks at the same Board of Review?

-This practice is discouraged by the BSA, but if a Scout has fulfilled all the requirements of two ranks including his Scoutmaster Conferences, he may sign up for a Board of Review for two ranks during the same month.  The Committee will make every attempt to conduct both Boards of Review on the same night, but each Board of Review will be performed by a separate group of committee members.  Also, the second Board of Review will only be conducted if time permits after all other Scouts have had the opportunity to have their Boards of Review for advancement.


Do fulfilled requirements for merit badges ever expire?

-According to BSA Policy ( Partial Completions) Partials have no expiration except the Scout's 18th birthday. Units, districts, or councils shall not establish other expiration dates for partial merit badges.


When do Scouts receive rank advancement patches?

- All rank advancement patches are to be awarded at regular scout meetings.  The mother’s pins for the rank advancement will be awarded at the next Court of Honor.  (Court of Honors are held quarterly.)  This way, the boy’s advancement is recognized in a timely manner and he can begin wearing his new patch immediately.

When are Medical Forms due?
- Medical Forms Part A and B are forms that are simply filled out by the scout's parent and are required for monthly campouts and troop outings.  These forms are updated beginning in January of EACH YEAR and MUST be turned in to the Troop Medical Form Coordinator NO LATER THAN JANUARY 31 OF EACH YEAR.  (Please turn in two copies of your completed Medical Forms Part A and B.  Once copy will be kept with the Medical Form Coordinator and one copy will be kept by the Scoutmaster and will accompany your scout on all Troop outings.)  These forms are available on ScoutLander under the "Documents and Links" tab.  Tip:  If you fill out the form electronically and save it on your computer, it will be much easier for you to update each year.  We are sorry that we cannot just assume that your scout's medical history is the same year after year.  It is for your scout's safety that we actively update medical forms each year.
-Medical Form Part C is only required for longer troop outings. (Longer than 72 hours.). In the case of Troop 446, this only applies to Summer Camp.  If your scout is not attending Summer Camp, you do not need to fill out this form.  If your scout is attending Summer Camp, this form needs to be filled out by your scout's physician.  We update these forms as Summer Camp approaches, usually in June of each year.  You will be informed of the exact deadline depending on the dates of Summer Camp.  If your scout has received a physical recently, your doctor might just be able to fill out the form.  If your scout is due for a physical, you might need to schedule an appointment with your physician.  Call your doctor early to find out which applies to your situation so that you have time to schedule an appoint for a physical should it be necessary.  We don't want your scout to miss out on Summer Camp because you weren't able to get an appointment for a physical in a timely manner.
-Medical Form Part D is required for High Adventure outings.  High Adventure outings are not common and are usually associated with a Philmont camp experience or certain Summer Camp activities.  If your scout has signed up for a High Adventure activity, you will be informed that this form is required.

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Troop 446 Documents

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DEN CHIEF SERVICE AWARD.pdf Den Chief Service Award Application Form  
EagleBook.pdf Eage Court of Honor Guide  
merit badge counselor application.pdf Merit Badge Counselor Application Form  
Parent Intoduction Letter - Jan2015.pdf Troop Welcome Letter - updated January 2015  
REVISED Troop 446 BY-LAWS-1.pdf Current Bylaws: Adopted on 5/10/2012  
Scout Service Project Report.pdf Scout Service Project Report  
Troop 446 Scout Leadership Positions - Duties & Responsibilities.pdf Troop 446 Leadership Positions and Responsibilities  
Yearly Permission Slip.pdf 2015-2016 Campout Permission Slip  

Camping Documents


 Camp Bowers

Camp John J. Barnhardt

Camp Daniel Boone

Camp Boddie

Camp Durant

Camp Grimes and Belk Scout Camp

Raven Knob Scout Reservation

Camp Bud Schiele

Pipsico Scout Reservation

Cherokee Scout Reservation

Camp Tuscarora


Camp Buck Toms - Rockwood, Tennessee


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Camp Boddie and Sea Base Map.pdf  
Camp Cherokee 2014 Parent Meeting.docx Camp Cherokee Summer Camp 2014 Parent Info  
Map Croatan Forest.pdf Forest Service Map of the Croatan National Forest  
The Climbing Place waiver.pdf Climbing Place Waiver Form  



On January 1, 2010, the summer camp on the southside of the Pamlico River was named in honor of the Boddie (pronounced BAWD-ee) family of Rocky Mount, long-time supporters of the Boy Scouts in eastern North Carolina and owners of several restaurant chains in the area.  The Boddie family owns Boddie-Noell Enterprises, which operates over 350 Hardee’s and 35 Texas Steakhouse and Saloon restaurants, among others. When the dining hall at the camp burned in 1994, the Boddie family funded a new dining hall and each year the Boddie family holds a golf tournament in Pinehurst which raises over $140,000 a year for the council’s operating budget, according to council officials. Nick, Mayo and William Boddie serve as members of the East Carolina Council Executive Board. Nick Boddie is a past president of the East Carolina Council and a Distinguished Eagle Scout.

The part of the Herbert C. Bonner Scout Reservation located on the southside of the Pamlico River, which will contain Camp Boddie, is called the East Carolina Scout Reservation.  The reservation, located near Blounts Creek, is also home to the nationally-accredited Pamlico Sea Base, which provides water-based activities for older Scouts.  The Boy Scouts have camped at this location since 1969. The property was originally purchased from Weyerhauser and private landowners.

Camp Boddie provides camping opportunities for more than 10,000 Scouts served by the East Carolina Council. The Boy Scout’s annual summer residence camp is held at the 950-acre site, as well as year-round camping, training and recreational activities for Boy Scouts from throughout eastern North Carolina.

The camp on the northside of the Pamlico River is called The Herbert C. Bonner Scout Reservation, located near Pamlico Plantation along Broad Creek.  The camp includes the Camp Herbert C. Bonner Camporee site, the Bonner farm operation and Camp Hannah Bonner, named for Herbert Bonner’s mother, which is used by Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts and Venture Scouts for short-term camping.
The camps on the north side of the Pamlico River were made possible by a bequest from the late congressman, Herbert C. Bonner with the intent of promoting camping and outdoor activities by the Boy Scouts and other young people from throughout eastern North Carolina.

Herbert C. Bonner, a Washington native, served as secretary to U.S. Rep. Lindsay C. Warren before being elected to Congress in 1940 to represent the 1st Congressional District. He served in that post until his death in 1965. During his tenure, he served as chairman on the Committee on Merchant Marine and Fisheries, among other committees.

Merit Badge Information Link and More Information

More Information about Merit Badges:
List of additional Merit Badge Counselors from our District:

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2019 CT Merit Badge Counselors 31 Mar 2019.pdf Leaders here to Guide for Merit Badges  
Merit-Badge-Blue-Card-Infographic.pdf How to start a merit badge.  

BSA Guide to Safe Scouting Link

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