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BSA - Youth Protection - Parents Please Read


Scout Parents and Prospective Scout Parents,

In light of recent events, Pack 51 Leadership wanted to take an opportunity to reassure you of our commitment as well as the BSA's commitment to safeguard our youth.  Boy Scouts of America (BSA) has instituted controls that have greatly improved this protection from years past. This may appear to be a long winded email, but it is probably one of the most important that we can send to you. So please take a moment and read this keeping in mind that we are here to not only help our youth learn new things but to also provide the safest environment that we can.

BSA utilizes Youth Protection training and completion is required by ALL adult volunteers prior to submitting their application.  This training employs common sense approaches to help safeguard our youth.  BSA policy and training emphasizes "two deep" leadership (minimum of two adults on all outing, events, and contacts), specific sleeping arrangements for overnight outings, respecting youth privacy, etc.

BSA also utilizes LexisNexis, a consumer reporting agency, to conduct criminal and other background checks on ALL registered adult volunteers. LexisNexis accesses include regional, state and federal criminal record databases as well as sex offender registries as part of this background check.

Below are BSA policies on Youth Protection training and Adult Volunteer Background Check requirements.

1.  Youth Protection Training - Cub Scout Parent Information Guide, BSA

"Youth safety is of paramount importance to Scouting ... The BSA places the greatest importance on providing the most secure environment possible for its youth members ... the BSA has developed numerous procedural and leadership selection policies, and provides parents and leaders with numerous online and print resources for the Cub Scout ... Youth Protection training is required for all BSA registered volunteers ... Youth Protection training must be taken every two years."

More information can be found at:
Cub Scout Parent Information Guide -
Youth Protection Training -

2. Adult Volunteer Background Check - BSA Adult Application, page 4

"In order to safeguard the youth in our program, the BSA will procure consumer reports on you in connection with your application ... in order to evaluate your ... suitability for volunteer service. The Boy Scouts of America has contracted with LexisNexis, a consumer reporting agency, to provide the consumer reports ... The types of information that may be obtained include  ... Social Security number verification, sex offender registry checks, criminal records checks, inmate records searches, and court records checks."

To read this statement in its entirety:
BSA Adult Application -

If you have any questions or concerns, please click the link "Contact Our Pack" at the top of this site.


Pack 51 Leadership